About Tazz

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Be Invisible

If I could have a super power of choice, it would be the ability to be invisible, that way I could help people and they would never know it was me.  I aim to make the world a better place, even if that means trolling stupidity and ignorance, corporate or personal, until it removes data from the Internet that should never have made it there in the first place.


Meh I’m no wizard, secret spy or have some clandestine background (even if I did it wouldn’t go here).  I’m just someone with a very scary brain, who’s hobby became a skill that I continually hone.  I try to suck all the knowledge I can out of others and in return share knowledge and experience with others as they attempt to make sense of “Big Data” and the “Dark Web” after seeing some cool Hollywood ‘cyb3r’ investigative-type show *sigh*.

No I/we (Hunters) don’t OSINT (or any other -INT) in 42 minutes and spit out a pretty report with a new boogeyman on it that you can use to plan a coordinated assault (during a commercial break) and go arrest someone in 3 minutes.  Seriously! It takes at least a full hour!

Why OSINT Heaven?

Because I didn’t have to die to get to the promise land of plenty.  I simply people watch, power on a device with Internet access, find a library and dig through archives, dig through logs for an organization….this is OSINT Heaven, ‘free’ data lying around like this is better than….well you know!

But All This Data!

It really is just noise until you learn to turn all the data into a beautiful melody as you tune out what you don’t need and execute with precision and specific objectives.  Then it’s like listening to angels sing LOL!

Huge Hugz, Love and Appreciation for….

Very special thanks to some very supportive folks @bigendiansmalls for being a kind and making this blog possible; @lojikil, @Threatbucket & @jordanrog for kicking my ass when I need it, @c0mmiebstrd for all tech and geek stuff and other stuff, and of course, the #InfoSecBradyBunch, #InfoSecFam and the #GettinInfoSecsy crew for all their support.

And of course, THANK *YOU* for stopping by and sharing your comments, grief, complaints, and love.

You did WHAT? A blog discussing threat intelligence and #OSINT and their relationships to infosec, data collection and mining, techniques, sources & common mistakes.